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If you have been on a ski vacation in Garmisch or just a ski trip for a day, please take the time to submit a review of the town or the runs. You can add a review from the page here.

Garmisch Comments from Ski Germany Visitors

One of the best advantages of Garmisch is that it is so close to Munich (and its airport). The snow is in most cases very good and lasts, especially on the downhill slopes, for a very long time. That's because the slopes to town are all on the northern part of the mountain. The lifts on top of the mountain are usually not to long and not very challenging. Mostly beginner. The most interesting thing is that all the downhill slopes are very long, cold and challenging. You then get back up to the mountain with the new and incredibly fast Hausbergbahn or Kreuzeckbahn. The fast cablecars allow you to continue to race down the slopes. The Osterfelder and Zugspitz area offers fantastic powder and offroad skiing. Just like heli-skiing only that you get to the places with a lift.
Max K, Munich, Germany - January 2009

Wow!! What a complete package Garmisch. I lived and worked there between the years of '96 thru '02/03 and I enjyed every minute of it. I was a outdoor rec instructor as well as a greensman at the GC. I would have to say that the winter sport activity was the best. I enjoyed meeting the DOD, NATO, and spouces of the people that I taught. Who would of thought a boy from small town TX would ever play in the snow in Europe. I am trying to get in touch with those that I taught and those that I lived and worked with in GAP.
Scott Nicholls, Boise, Idaho, USA - November 2007

Went here about 4 years ago at the end of the season, and although a lot of the runs were melting there were plenty of runs still in good condition. The town itself is one of the most picturesque I've seen, absolutely gorgeous! All in all well worth the trip!
Helene Nouwens, UK - August 2007

"I worked at the AFRC as an examiner, (examining ski instructors in a PSIA telemark exam). The skiing was excellent everywhere, off piste skiing beyond the Zugspitz and  off the top of the Alpspitz was primo in spring conditions. The town of Garmisch was much nicer than the mountain town I live in. I would recommend any US skier to see what a real ski town is like, friendly, environmentally with it, and preserved as a national treasure; not as condos and golf courses."
Bill Moe, Jackson, Wyoming, USA - February 2007

"I went to the slopes in Garmisch and Zugspitz areas and thought the skiing was fantastic. Even though I went at the end of the season (in March/April) the snow was still fantastic. The weather was clear most of the week with only 1 day producing challenging conditions! As a beginner i thought it would be really difficult to get used to the slopes but they were in really good condition every morning, well pisted and due to the lateness in the season, not at all crowded. The lifts took me to some amazing views and the downhill ski was spectacular. My entire group enjoyed a thoroughly extensive week of skiing in Germany and I'm hoping to return again next year to the same areas as I now know that the slopes are brilliant and cater for all ages and levels of skier!"
Amelia Hamilton-Kennaway, UK - July 2006

Garmisch Comments from Usenet

"I know that Americans do really like Garmisch-Partenkirchen with the Alpspitze and Zugspitze resort. In my opinion its advantage is that you have your vacation in a normal small town, where tourism is only one out of several economic resources."
Florian Anwander, rec.skiing.resorts.europe

"the Zugspitze glacier in Garmisch Germany was great last weekend, very sunny days on Saturday and Sunday, could see into Northern Italy."
Glenn Siegrist, rec.skiing.resorts.europe

"Skiing on the Zugspitze - don't bother! It is awfully small, and often only a handful of lifts are going! Garmisch is not much better."
Paul Smith, rec.skiing.snowboard

When you're living in Hamburg, take a flight to Munich and than the Rail to Garmisch-Partenkirchen! There is the Zugspitze, highest mountain in Germany, Half-Pipe, Fun Park and lots of Freeriding! Usualy there should packages offered in Travel Agencies, from Friday to Sunday!
Manfred Sommerer, rec.skiing.snowboard

"head to Garmisch-Partenkirken. Nice mountains, excellent freeriding, - everything. including bikini tops at 12,000 ft. nice. drive into Garmisch and it will be REALLY hard to miss the mountain.
Timothy Morris, rec.skiing.snowboard

"The three good places are the Hausberg, beginner to intermediate slopes, Osterfelder, intermediate to advanced, and the Zugspitze, beginner to advanced."
Erik, rec.skiing.alpine

"The second half of my week's introduction to alpine skiing was spent on the Hausberg. What a fantastic mountain. Perfect for beginner to expert, and lovely views as you ski non-stop off the mountain, starting at the summit. I'll be taking my family this year and next!"
Ash, England

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