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Mittenwald - Germany : Ski Resort and Cultural Centre

Klotz, MittenwaldMittenwald is a market town nestled on the border with Austria. The Austrian ski resort of Seefeld is just 15 minutes drive away in one direction, while one of Bavaria's ritziest mountain towns - Garmisch-Partenkirchen - is a slightly longer journey to the north along the country roads of southern Germany.

Mittenwald has a reputation as a town that is connected with the violin. There is a violin-making museum near the centre and Mathias Klotz, the founder of the industry, is commemorated by a statue next to the church.

It is also a town built on trade, straddling the old commercial route from Germany via the Seefeld plateau south into Italy. Its medieval prosperity, like so many other towns, was founded on the granting of a market charter.

These days Mittenwald thrives on its grandiose natural setting at the junction of the Wetterstein and Karwendel mountain ranges.

Summer guests flock to enjoy the walking to the lakes in the foothills of the Wetterstein and, in the winter, those foothills are tranformed into the main downhill ski area of the Kranzberg.

Karwendel, MittenwaldOpposite, the sharper peaks of the Karwendel range offer their own challenge, with the unpisted Dammkar run from the top of the Karwendelbahn cable car providing and long and challenging descent in good conditions.

As an old trading town, Mittenwald has good travel connections. It is on a main rail line from Munich to Innsbruck and an important road connection between the two cities runs past the town.

Mittenwald accommodation is located in the town - about 15 minutes drive from the main ski area access. There is a regular ski bus service.

Innsbruck Airport is the closest for easy access to the Mittenwald skiing - with a journey time of around 1 hour in good conditions.

For flights to Germany, Mittenwald is best reached via Munich Airport. This is on the other side of Munich and transfer time takes between one-and-a-half to two hours. Airport car hire is available from both hubs.

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