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Friedrichshafen Airport is a small regional airport on the north shore of Lake Constance. It is also known as Bodensee Airport (the German name for Lake Constance).

The connections from other German airports and the low-cost flights from Britain make it a viable alternative for resorts in the southwestern part of the Germany mountains, such as Oberstdorf.

The airport is located close to the centre of the town near the main road around the north of the lake.

Non-drivers can reach the airport with the train from the centre of Friedrichshafen and from Ulm and there are shuttle buses which run from the Austrian province of Vorarlberg.

Hotels are plentiful in Friedrichshafen as it is a popular tourist area. Car hire and taxis are also available.

Our travel fulfilment partners have a good selection of hotels near the airport for those who are looking to overnight at the beginning or end of their stay.

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