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Salzburg Airport is located to the west of the city near the border with Germany and close to the motorways ringing the city centre.

The airport is popular with charter and scheduled flights in the winter, with the main charters arriving from the UK, Scandinavia, Russia, Germany and Holland.

Although it is located in fairly close proximity to certain ski resorts, the mountains around the city produce few problems for flights. The main local reason for any delay is more likely to be low-lying fog or mist.

For skiers flying in to visit German ski resorts, Salzburg is closest to Berchtesgaden and most of the other resorts listed on Ski Germany can be reached within reasonable driving time from the airport.

Car drivers will find the airport just outside the city centre in the direction of Germany. It is easily reached on the motorway from Kufstein, Germany or eastern Austria - follow the motorway signs on the northern ring motorway (Linz-Munich) for the airport turn-off. The exit road leads into an airport shopping centre - the airport itself is located on the other side of the traffic lights after the exit.

Sufficient time should be left to check-in at the airport. There is limited shopping at the airport and there is a duty-free section in the departures lounge.

Non-drivers can reach the airport with the bus from the centre of the city and the railway station. The services run from early evening until late at night.

There is a busy hotel near the airport and many guesthouses and other hotels in the area of the airport and on the way to the centre of Salzburg.

Airport taxis are available from outside the airport building - the ordered official cabs start just outside the arrivals terminal.

Car hire is available at Salzburg Airport - the rental desks of the major companies are located in the covered parking opposite the terminals. They are manned at peak times, at other times the services are available via a courtesy phone.

Our travel fulfilment partners have a good selection of hotels near the airport for those who are looking to overnight at the beginning or end of their stay.

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