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Berchtesgaden Ski Resort

History and Scenery

With a ski resort on the edge of the Berchtesgaden National Park, and with a history entwined with some of Europe's darkest days, the Berchtesgaden area is a mix of beautiful scenery and disturbing memories.

Not far from the Austrian cultural centre of Salzburg and relatively easily accessible by motorway, the area lies on the edge of the Berchtesgaden National Park, a region of outstanding natural beauty in summer and winter.

But also visible from the ski area is the infamous "Eagle's Nest" - Hitler's mountain refuge in the Second World War and today a destination for tour groups and sightseers.

An important source of prosperity in the past were the salt mines (opened in the 16th century and still operating today).

Nowadays the salt mines, the Königssee lake and the Adlerhorst ("Eagle's Nest") and Obersalzberg, and the close proximity of Salzburg all make the town a perfect destination for a holiday combining skiing with sightseeing.

The Jenner ski area just outside Schönau is the best known and largest of the small areas in the vicinity of Berchtesgaden and is easily reached by car or ski bus.

Berchtesgaden can be approached from the north on the German Alpine Road or via Salzburg and the motorway. A regular train service operates from the main Munich railway station.

Aerial view from the Jenner Ski Area

Berchtesgaden accommodation is both in the town and in some of the surrounding countryside. An efficient ski bus services connects the towns of the area to one another and to the Jenner ski area.

The most convenient airport is Salzburg Airport which is only 20km away from the town. Munich airport is just under 200km in distance. Car hire is available at both airports.

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