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Ski Centre with World Cup Favourites

Lenggries is perhaps little known as a ski resort outside Germany, but the local ski club has produced some of the stars on the women's World Cup ski-racing circus - Martina Ertl, Hilde Gerg and Annemarie Gerg - and the slopes near the town provide a surprisingly testing and varied playground for the visitor.

Lenggries is nestled in the valley of the Isar as the river flows northwards on its way to Munich and, like so many communities in the mountains, its origins stem from a settlement built around a fortress - the Hohenberg.

The river traffic transporting goods to Munich was important to the town, as was the timber trade and farming. Nowadays its proximity to Munich and its position in the mountain foothills has meant that tourism has grown in importance to the local economy.

Lenggries featured in the stories of two famous German authors who wrote alpine romances about the mountain villages and settlements. Nowadays the idea of tourism is slightly less traditional - with the Brauneck ski area and the extensive crosscountry ski trails in the winter and a range of climbing and hiking options in the summer.

Although Lenggries is close to the town of Bad Tölz and the city of Munich, the ski slopes can be quiet during the week - with the city visitor "rush" reserved for the weekends.

Aerial view of Lenggries from the ski area

Lenggries is probably best approached from the north via Bad Tolz when arriving by road. Trains run on the Bayerische Oberlandbahn rail route approximately every hour from the main Munich railway station..

Lenggries accommodation is in the town - on the other side of the river from the ski slopes. A ski bus connects the centre of the town with the base stations at Brauneck and Wegscheid.

The most convenient airport is Munich Airport which is on the other side of the city. Journey time would be between one and one-and-a-half hours. Car hire is available from Munich Airport.

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