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Mittenwald Ski Area

Ski Facts

Cable Car: 1
Chairlift: 1
Draglifts: 6
Main skiing area reached by bus or car.

Mittenwald Skiing

The Kranzberg is the main Mittenwald ski area. The most popular access point is via the Luttensee area, which is reached by the ski bus in 10 minutes from the bus stop at Mittenwald railway station.

An alternative entry point is the bottom of the Kranzberg Chairlift, which is served by another ski bus. Limited parking is available at both areas.

Mittenwald Ski Map, Germany

The Luttensee area also serves as the ski school meeting point and the access lifts at the bottom can get extremely busy.

The short blue runs on the Luttensee draglift are good for warming up, but those wishing to leave the immediate area should take the practice lift on the right. At the top a path leads to the longer Korbinian draglift, which is served by a longer red run.

The Korbinian Hut at the top has excellent views out over the town and the Karwendel range on the other side of the valley.

To the right at the top of the Korbinian lift, the Sonnenhang lift provides access to the Wildensee area.

To the left, the red run leads back down to the Luttensee area or a longer blue run popular with ski tourers takes the skier all the way to the base of the Kranzberg chairlift.

Skiers should be aware that this single-person lift is popular for walking and tobogganing, and that the skis are taken off and carried on the long journey over snow-covered fields and trees.

The Wildensee area hosts the hardest runs in the Kranzberg ski centre with two open red runs off the Wildenseelift and a harder black run and another red run on the Gipfel draglift.

A black variant bump section is also available about a third of the way down. Views from the top are again magnificent on a clear day.

Mittenwald Ski Area, Germany

Mittenwald Verdict

The Kranzberg is a limited but convenient ski area which can get crowded at busy periods. Views of the surrounding mountains are excellent. Opportunities for refreshment can be hard to locate.

Mittenwald Ski Photos

  • Kranzberg
  • The runs at Wildensee
  • Kranzberg base area
  • Mittenwald ski school area