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Hotels in Schliersee

The location Schliersee covers three different settlements, all of which have hotel-standard accommodation: Schliersee; Fischhausen/Neuhaus; and Spitzingsee.

Schliersee is the main settlement and is where most of the accommodation is located. Here it tends to be located around the train station, on the lake shore, or above the main Miesbach-Bayrischzell road through the town. Fischhausen and Neuhaus are two smaller settlements near the southern end of the lake, while Spitzingsee is a very small hamlet on the lake of the same name situated in between the two ski areas.

Schliersee Hotel Listings

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Featured Schliersee Accommodation

Karma Bavaria (E, D)
Karma Bavaria, Schliersee
Kirchbichlweg 18
83727 Schliersee
Tel: 08026 6080

Schliersee Hotels

Arabella Alpenhotel am Spitzingsee (E, D)
Alpenhotel am Spitzingsee, Schliersee
Seeweg 7
83727 Schliersee-Spitzingsee
Tel: 08026 7980
Fax: 08026 798879
Seehotel Schlierseer Hof (E, D)
Seehotel Schlierseer Hof, Schliersee
Seestrasse 21
83727 Schliersee
Tel: 08026 929200
Fax: 08026 9292050
Hotel Gundl Alm (D)
Hotel Gundl Alm, Spitzingsee
Spitzingstrasse 8
83727 Schliersee-Spitzingsee
Tel: 08026 9209930
Gästehaus Hubertus (D)
Alpenhotel am Spitzingsee, Schliersee
Bayrischzeller Strasse 8
83727 Schliersee
Tel: 08026 71035
Fax: 08026 71036
Landhotel Maximilian (D)
Landhotel Maximilian, Schliersee
Carl-Schwarz-Strasse 17
83727 Schliersee
Tel: 08026 9279793
Fax: 08026 9252047
Hotel Terofal (D)
Hotel Terofal, Schliersee
Xaver Terofal Platz 2
83727 Schliersee
Tel: 08026 929210
Fax: 08026 92921113

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Map of Schliersee

Schliersee Travel Information

Distance to Munich Airport: 94km
Distance to Salzburg Airport: 106km
Distance to Innsbruck Airport: 139km

Air Travel

Munich is the closest and easiest airport to use when choosing a flight destination for the Schliersee.

Munich Airport

Munich is not only the closest airport, it is probably the most convenient when thinking about international flights. As one of the major German airports, it can boast great European connections (including some cheaper airlines) as well as good intercontinental services.

There is a very good S-Bahn (a regional service) connection to the centre of the city and Munich's main railway station, from which the BOB train can be taken to Schliersee.

The airport is located a good 30 minutes' drive to the north-east of the city and drivers should follow the signs for Rosenheim, Salzburg and Innsbruck before leaving the motorway at Weyarn and following the signs for the Schliersee. The journey should take just over an hour but the motorway can be very busy on a peak season Saturday.

Salzburg Airport

Salzburg Airport offers a decent range of European flights, both scheduled and charter, and would be a possible option for visitors to Schliersee who wanted to rent a car and drive to the resort. Schliersee can be reached by taking the motorway in the direction of Munich and then exiting the motorway at Irschenberg and following the signs for Miesbach and Schliersee.

Innsbruck Airport

Innsbruck Airport is not too far away from the Schliersee as the crow flies but unfortunately a number of mountains stand between the two locations!

Probably the easiest route between Innsbruck and Schliersee is by using the Inn Valley motorway to the east in the direction of Salzburg and Munich. At the junction where the motorway splits, the Munich option should be taken and then the Irschenberg exit as described above in the Salzburg Airport description.

Rail Travel

Schliersee Railway Station

The railway station in Schliersee is located a short walk from the lake shore just behind the big Vitalwelt wellness centre and the information office. The line is part of the Bayerische Oberlandbahn (BOB). This is a regional service which operates lines to Lenggries, Schliersee and Bayrischzell and the Tegernsee. The BOB service runs hourly from either the main Munich railway station or the Donnersbergerbr√ľcke station. Journey time is around 50 minutes.